Alexey Tchernychev

       Alexey Tchernychev is a Russian-American painter from San Jose California, born on September 19th 1998. He is the son of Russian immigrants who came to the United States in the late 90's following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The traditional mentality instilled by his parents at a young age and the diverse environment of the San Francisco Bay Area morphed his mindset and unique artistic vision. Combining Traditional Western & Eastern design theories into something uniquely his own. These ideas in tandem to non-traditional mediums, ranging from Spray Paint to Ink to even coffee and blood create his unique texture and style.  Alexey's focus of each artwork is to engage the unconscious mind of the viewer; presenting a small detail to draw the viewer in, and allow one's self to be absorbed into the imagination of the artist, themselves, and the collective unconscious. 

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